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Myths and Legends One and Two explore the world of myth and legend, and show that stories from Australia, Asia, Europe, Africa and America often have similar themes, plots and relationships running through them. Are these brave women, dastardly villains, bold heroes and cheeky serving girls recognisable all over the world? Are these stories of dark forests, difficult journeys, terrible creatures and exciting battles the collective dreaming of mankind? One half of each volume is made up of fresh, comic and dramatic retellings of these traditional tales. Turn the book over and upside down to find modern and imaginative adaptations of the same stories. In the process of reading and comparing these tales, students are encouraged to travel far and wide across the fantastic landscape of myth and legend, as well as exploring the people, ideas and situations that go to make up a great story.


  • Flexible, student-centred resource that will complement any English program.
  • Stunning full-colour artwork, commissioned especially for the series.
  • The traditional stories each feature a map showing the myth or legend's place of origin, as well as information about the possible author and date, and pointers towards relevant films, plays and paintings based on the legend.
  • The page margins feature suggestions for further research or interesting information about the story.
  • The modern stories are followed by comprehension and language questions, short imaginative writing exercises and a section entitled 'Going Further' with enrichment tasks for students to create their own adaptation.
  • Myths and Legends 1 is divided into the sections: 'The Heroes', 'The Women' and 'The Losers', with myths and legends from the Greek, Norse, Celtic, Japanese, Babylonian, Irish, North American Indian and Australian Aboriginal traditions.
  • Myths and Legends 2 is divided into the sections: 'The Creatures', 'The Lovers' and 'The Tricksters', with myths and legends from the Greek, Indian, Chinese, Vietnamese, Roman, Biblical and New Zealand Maori traditions.
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