Peter Mantin
ISBN: 9780435312824
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  • Part One
  • Europe in 1780
  • The Three Estates
  • The Monarchy
  • The King in Debt and Danger
  • Part Two: The Revolution
  • The Estates General
  • The Storming of the Bastille
  • 1789—the Year of the Revolution
  • A New France
  • From Revolution to War
  • The Execution of the King
  • The Terror
  • Reaction
  • When was the Revolution?
  • Why was there a Revolution?
  • Part Three: The Rise of Napoleon
  • Napoleon's Rise to Power
  • The Battle of Marengo
  • Invasion Battle
  • The New Caesar
  • The Crowning of the New Caesar
  • The Great Reformer
  • Master of Europe
  • Part Four: The Fall of Napoleon
  • The Peninsular War
  • The Invasion of Russia
  • Retreat from Moscow
  • Defeat and Abdication
  • The Hundred Days
  • Index
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  • May also have signs of normal use (e.g. minor cosmetic marks, contact, previous owner’s name).

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